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make a salary review easy, reward smarter

We bring together performance, salary, pension, benefits and all extra data you need to make a smooth and fair salary review that stays on budget.

It’s time to rethink the salary review process

Heartpace gives you a tool to manage the salary review cycle for your entire company in one place. Forget tedious and unsafe excel sheet e-mailings. Enable decision-makers with the right data to make more informed decisions. You will keep your payroll budgeting under control and will be able to work flexibly: distribute predefined budget, work with percentage or use Heartpace algorithm that will suggest a new remuneration based on data.


Improve your Salary review process with extra-data

Conduct a data-driven salary review with your internal company insights. Run continuous reviews during the calendar year by Pulse Survey and use your unique results in your salary review process.
Example types of review:
+ Performance data + Engagement Indexes + Values + Custom research

Manage and Calculate
Employee Bonuses

Simplify bonus allocation handling and understand the real cost of your program. You can calculate a final budget with all tax additions, and consider what bonus distribution was chosen: split into salary or pension contributions. Managers can with a few clicks allocate bonus and receive approval.

Manage all bonuses for the entire company in one place, be agile with different teams and departments. You will get a full picture of costs and bonus programs of your organization. At year end you can easily divide the process into preliminary and final bonus processes to support your P&L allocation.

Avoid the hassle and security risks with Excel files and instead collect all data in one single protected online file.
Manage and Calculate <br> Employee Bonuses

Heartpace algorithm helps managers make optimal decisions

Review based on a unique algorithm to proceed with data that you choose as important to consider. Dynamic data modelling will, based on budget, calculate and suggest new remuneration for your employees.


Stay on budget with all Pension and Benefits costs

Determine Salary cost were all hidden costs are included: view pension, insurance, compensations and other benefits in transparent set up.
Flexible work with reward distribution. Direct or Performance-based - Individualized or for company.
Stay on budget with 					all Pension and Benefits costs

Easily involve the right people in the decision-making process

Save time on emailing and skip Excel files ping-pong by using a common tool. Enable flexible permissions and involve the right people to different salary review steps. Facilitate the collaboration process between CEO, CFO other management teams and the union.
Easily involve the right 					people 					in the decision-making process

Communicate your decisions in Salary Talk

Improve your communication between manager and employee by syncing Salary Review process with the Salary Talk. All data is saved in the cloud for future discussions and decisions. GDPR aligned.

Clear design, smooth flow and extensive reports

Save months of time for your accounting teams with our salary review module. Build full report with final costs, easy approval set up with few clicks.
Pay review

Don't forget about Pay Review

Insightful analysis about your salary distribution. Read more about pay gap analysis.

Trusted by large and small innovative companies:

Rebecca Styf

Rebecca Styf

HR Manager at Hypergene

"We have very objective-oriented employees and managers and performance management is important for us. With Heartpace, it is easy to perform talks and set both objectives and activities that are easy to follow up. The tool is employee-driven and appeals to both me and my colleagues. It suits us very well."

Rebecca Styf

Cloud-based service — no download or installation required

More for the larger and demanding organisation

Possible to integrate with other modules in Heartpace

Import data from your Payroll system or by Excel


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