1:1 meetings and Team Talks

Leaders who regularly provide feedback on 1:1 meetings, build more engaged and performing teams. Go beyond status updates and take it further.

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Enhance the quality of your meetings

With the right tool, you can make your meetings structured and development oriented. Start enjoying assessment talks

Design a clear and consistent process for regular coaching, feedback and progress review. Integrate all Talks with your calendars and have a clear plan and scheduled timeslots for each person in your teams.
Enhance the quality  of your meetings

Plan an agenda, prepare for discussion

The best meetings are well-prepared and scheduled in advance. Create your own questionnaire to cover all important topics in your conversation.

Add preparation step before meeting to let participants draft and comment on their answers in advance.
Plan an agenda, prepare for discussion

Document your talks

Got a lot of insights and ideas on one-on-one meeting? Take notes and make comments for talking points. Nothing gets lost for future follow-ups. Track discussions and decisions to provide accountability for next steps.

Have a history of all performance reviews, assessment talks and all other talks, and follow the progress from meeting to meeting.
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