Con­tin­u­ous Per­for­mance
Man­age­ment System

Move from Annual Appraisals to Agile Objectives,
Future Focused Talks and Consistently
Ongoing Feedback

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Heartpace processes


Set aspirational Objectives and align employee towards a common strategy.


Provide ongoing feedback and recognition.


Find out temperature and what's important just now.


Check-in progress and keep everyone on track.

Evaluation 360

Support employees to achieve their potential and help improve performance.

Simplify your Performance Management Process

Time-saving review process. Easy "touch points". Ongoing
feedback. Regular and open check-in’s is key!



Choose what matters most and set Objectives and Key Results

Set ambitious and unambiguous Objectives with
open, tangible measures of their achievement.


Set objectives and develop Alignment via Balanced Scorecard

Define Objectives and measure your progress by KPIs. Develop strategic alignment throughout the organization.



Talk to upgrade progress and keep Objectives relevant

Create processes for prepared and regular Talks and Check In’s.
Keep track of your teams and provide the necessary support

1 to 1 Talks

Talk individually with each of your employees.

Team Talks

Get teams together and have more productive meetings.



Provide consistent ongoing Feedback

Give two-way and multidirectional feedback. Build better relationships and improve overall success.



Give 360° Evaluation and help employees achieve professional
and personal success

Summarize results with 360-degree feedback that supports the necessity to continue to learn, grow and evolve.

Personal Evaluation

Give a forward-outlook individual review

Team Evaluation

Understand team members' Strengths and Weaknesses



Ask your employees about their expectations, opinions and priorities.

Use open, or anonymous, Surveys for real-time feedback and get insight into how employees feel about their


Create surveys that keep responses confidential


Use an individual survey for tracking personal answers

Forward-thinking companies
already use Heartpace
for Performance Management

Our leaders have follow-up talks with all employees, either weekly, monthly or quarterly. To ensure good flow and to the goals, and to meet our value base, a system like Heartpace becomes an important tool.

Terje Andreassen,
CEO Webhelp

Both manager and employee are well-prepared and involved which gives genuine and honest talks. I experience it as something unique with Heartpace. The tool really helps me to become a better manager.

Sandra Ohlsson,
Sales Manager at Upsala Nya Tidning

Heartpace system makes work aligned, it adds transparency and clearly shows where we are heading. Heartpace ensures that we talk about the same things at all our clinics and hospitals. We also get a better structure of the evaluation, connecting the questions in the review module to our business objectives, thus ensuring that the employee's individual goals and objectives of the business are consistent. In most businesses, this is an aim but with Heartpace we can make sure we really live up to it.

Pia Madsen,
HR Chef Evidensia

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