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Drive engagement & create a winning culture

with our Performance Management and Survey Toolbox

Heartpace Performance Management toolbox is flexible and completely modular. Select the parts you need. At your pace and with your tone.

Create your own performance management process at your own pace and with your tonality

Time-saving review process. Easy "touch points". Ongoing feedback. Regular and open check-in’s is key! Use our templates or build your own.


  • Choose what matters most and set Objectives and Key Results. Set ambitious and unambiguous Objectives with open, tangible measures of their achievement.

  • Set objectives and develop Alignment via Balanced Scorecard. Define Objectives and measure progress by KPIs. Develop strategic alignment & engagement throughout the organization.

  • Heartpace objectives process

    1:1 and Team meetings

    The system helps you to work data-driven and consistently with regular follow-up & coaching via talks. Monthly check-ins or annual talks? You choose yourself! Do you want ready-made templates or build your own process?

    Heartpace talks tools are flexible and easy to use!

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