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Have a question? Explore the FAQ or contact support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Explore the FAQ or contact support.

Advice and answers from the Heartpace Team

1. Heartpace is a cloud-based service, what does that involve?

It means that you can access the service on the Internet via a secure connection from wherever you are.

2. Where is all the data saved?

All the data is stored and saved within the EU on AWS’, Amazon webservices, platforms, in accordance with EU legislation.

3. Is Heartpace prepared for GDPR compliance?

We meet GDPR guidelines. The service is based on the concepts “privacy by design” and “transparency”, which the new legislation sets specific demands on. That means that particular integration mechanisms are built into the system from the very start. We also have a higher security level than required and it includes two-step verification and IP restriction options at no extra charge.

4. Is it secure to handle data in your system?

Yes, our system has an extremely high level of security. Besides the general security that AWS (Amazon webservices) provides, it also includes our own security and penetration tests. Right from the beginning, our system has been based on a security philosophy with multiple layers of security that customers can activate themselves and that are included in the service free of charge.

5. Do you have an API (Application programming interface)?

Yes, the tool has an open API that enables Heartpace to be integrated with other systems within the organisation.

6. Can Heartpace be connected to an AD (Active Directory) such as Microsoft AD?

Yes, Heartpace can be connected to an AD, making it possible to create entire organisation charts and transfer employee information, update users and handle logins etc.

7. Can Heartpace be connected to Office 365?

Yes, Heartpace can be connected to Office 365 and thereby update Heartpace with links to different documents in folders etc. It is also possible to use SSO (Single Sign-on) to simplify authentication via logins and passwords.

8. Does your service offer customer support?

Yes, we offer online support and it is included in the subscription fees. Support services are provided via an online library, e-mail or live chat.

9. How do you get started?

All you need to do is register an account. If you need any help, you can use our online training courses.

10. Does it take long to get started?

Because the system is so simple to use, it is also easy to get started, but questions might arise depending on how much you want to use each module. In this case you can book an online training course with our experienced staff members.

11. How much does it cost?

We have a list of prices on our website. You pay per user and year. Prices are also dependent on which modules you would like. For more than 50 users, please ask us for a quote.

12. Does everyone in the company need to have a Heartpace account?

No, it is possible to use the service for one department or a specific team or project, for example.

13. Are there ready-made templates for dialogues in the system?

Yes, it includes a number of ready-made templates that you can use for different types of dialogues. Heartpace also provides support in creating company-specific templates. There is a very user-friendly design editor in Heartpace that you use when you create your templates.

14. Are there any restrictions on the design of templates?

Heartpace has developed many different alternatives for building relevant and user-friendly templates for various types of questions. Please feel free to contact us so that we can show you.

15. What kind of dialogues can I have in Heartpace?

As a customer you can choose what dialogues you want to have with our digital tool. Our customers use the tool for all kinds of appraisals, including development reviews, salary reviews and monthly and weekly objective reviews.

16. Can more than one participant take part in a dialogue at the same time?

Yes, in Heartpace it is possible to have a team dialogues with a number of participants at the same time, for example in the event of project reviews and evaluations.

17. Can I start a dialogue for others and create processes?

Yes, you can start dialogue processes for others, such as between managers and employees.

18. Can I follow up who has had dialogues and who hasn’t?

There is a report generator that gives you statistics on who has had dialogues and who hasn’t.

19. Does the tool handle objectives and activities?

Of course. Our service focuses on objective-oriented dialogues and it is possible to create goals/objectives and activities during on-going dialogues and in between dialogues. You can also steer goals and activities towards overall strategies.

20. Does the system handle skills and CVs?

Yes, in Heartpace you can create a profile card for the organisation that can then be used for a skills and CV card. All the information that is added to a profile is searchable, allowing you to search for specific skills and employee facts.

21. Does the system provide an overview of all the employees?

All the employees within an organisation are registered and visible in the gallery function, where you can search for skills, departments and teams etc.

22. Is an organisation chart visible in Heartpace?

Organisation and department charts for your entire business are visible in Heartpace. You can opt to print whole or partial charts or even export the charts for presentations.

23. Does the system support anonymous questionnaires?

Yes, you can choose whether you want the respondents to a questionnaire to remain anonymous or not. A minimum of four respondents is necessary however to carry out an anonymous questionnaire.

24. Does your tool allow reviews and 360 feedback?

Yes, it allows 360 feedback as well as simpler feedback and appraisals of managers and employees. This type of appraisal is carried out in our Appraisal module.

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