Keep your employees Focused Motivated and Aligned

OKRs make workflow transparent, synchronized between teams and concentrated on the common goal

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Clear collaboration

Link company, department and individual OKRs

Teams on the same page

Everyone will know where they are going and what the top company priorities are

Ambitious objectives

OKR allows teams to focus on the challenges and achieve more

Measurable Key Results

Without numbers, you have no real objective. Update your Key Results and track progress

OKRs Management for Fast Moving Companies


Share company's vision and be sure that your employees buy in and support the values


Add your company's public strategies and everyone will know the common vector of movement.


Department OKRs

Сreate public OKRs for each department and pull teams together. They will work synchronized towards connected and common strategy.

Personal OKRs

Employees set ambitious objectives and determine personal key results. It's your new step for employee engagement.

Fastest Growing Companies

are already using OKRs:

OKR & HR Management

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Provide personal and team talks, define the agenda and find insights for better performance of your employees. Connect with business data for transparent follow-up.



Create fast and easy employee surveys for small and large teams with a clear automated report.



Choose the way for effective performance management providing higher engagement and more reflections


Useful Templates

Use free templates for talks, surveys and evaluations, which have been developed by experienced HR-consultants

The Ultimate Guide to OKR


This workbook includes all the things you need to know about OKR, answers to common questions and comments from seasoned HR-consultants. It will help you understand the OKR framework and how to implement it in your company.

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