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This is how Heartpace HR System supports Bredband2’s HR processes

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What were the main challenges you wanted to solve with an HR system?

Here at Bredband2 we have already created solid HR processes and digitalized them since before. However, we have been using different systems from several different suppliers that were not integrated, which created unnecessary manual steps. Our ambition was to find a system where all our digital HR processes could be gathered in one place and integrated. We want to focus on dialogues and development instead of manual registrations into systems.

In what way has Heartpace helped to overcome these?

Heartpace fulfilled many of our listed criteria. Among others, we wanted to continue measuring eNPS simply and smoothly, enable documentation and follow-up employee talks, and ensure a great onboarding process for all new employees. Another factor that led to the choice of Heartpace was that we have a mutual vision of the purpose and an incredible engagement to develop current processes. If a requested function is not in the system today, we will create it together!

What are your next steps?

Actually, we are only just beginning our journey, although we have used Heartpace since last summer. As of now, we are integrating several different systems so that everything can be managed through Heartpace HRM. The next step will be to build our onboarding processes and competence development in the system.

Which three tips would you want to share with other companies starting their HR-digitalization journeys?

1. Think long-term! Where do you want to be in five years? Then build sustainable processes and routines from there.

2. Involve the organization and the leaders to increase both engagement and the success rate.

3. Keep your own culture and values as the guiding star when establishing new HR processes. Despite this being about digital processes, people are always at the center of them!

Kajsa WongHR partner, Bredband2

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