Heartpace HRM

The Human Resource Management System

Digitize your HR processes and make them seamless by using our single cloud system for all your employees' needs, development and performances. Become more time-efficient by managing your employee data through a single organized, secure, and centrally located database. Your so MASTER.

´This solution is perfect for the growth and progress for organizations and companies’

Level Up Your Employee Data Management

Build your own employee profile templates with relevant and customized fields based on your preferences.


Heartpace stores and provides access to historical data in the system and based on the information and your intentions, you can create dashboards, build custom reports, and create forecasting for the future.

Pick Up and Share Relevant Knowledge

The custom made access levels makes it possible to update different types of data and ensure that relevant information reaches the right user. The control access solution secures sensitive data and communicates to all of the employees on a “Need to Know” basis.

This simple way of managing employee information will save your staff time and help them direct their attention to what needs to be prioritized.

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Connected with our HR Master Data

Being the heart of your organization, it is important that we can reach out and assist you with your daily work routines. With our “Master Data”, we can integrate into all your software and systems, making us more compliant and valuable to your constant progression. Our central data source will make sure to connect with your tools of preference in which you choose to operate.

Manual data entries, silly human errors, and duplicates is a thing of the past. Connecting with your whole organization with updated data is the future and will keep you aligned and informed.

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Management Security is our Priority

At Heartpace, we take security seriously and you can rest assured that your data is in capable hands. Our pinpoint accurate, top-notch enterprise-level security with rigorous processes always puts the safety of our customers' data first.

Your Core HR always includes:


Company Org Chart & Employee Gallery


Document Management

master data

HR Master Data with synchronization


HR Reports and Statistics


Security & Api