About us

About us

Think about how you want a collaboration to work, when everything is running well and everyone knows their common objectives.

Instead, you usually encounter unclear communication and responsibility. You try to organize chaos with infinite conversations that do not lead to result. Transparency is nonexistent and everything is run as a projects.

Heartpace has built a Performance Management service where you can capture both the details and the big picture. Change projects processes and employees will know what is expected. Clarity and focus make it possible to cooperate with less friction and greater commitment. Everybody turns to be a winner!

Working with objective-driven feedback in a simple tool allows more people to be engaged and work target oriented. At the same time meeting up to GDPR and your purely organizational needs makes it an easy decision. Try us!

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A company within the Söderberg & Partners group

Heartpace is part of Söderberg & Partners business area S & P Compensation & Benefits Consulting. The business area was established in early 2017 and offers consultancy services, resource support and pension and insurance benefits tools, control of personnel costs and employability.

Söderberg & Partners was founded in 2004 and is one of Sweden’s leading independent advisors and intermediaries of insurance and financial products with one of the largest independent research departments in the Nordic region. The company has a wide range of activities within four business areas: Insurance Consulting, Securities & Asset Management, Financial Technology and Payroll & Benefits.

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About us

“Creating long-lasting results for our clients and their employees is our objective. Our expertise in how to create overall engagement is always at the disposal of our clients.”

Henrik Dannert | CEO

Our philosophy is our power

Our basic philosophy — trust, commitment and profitability together with transparency and an easy going attitude creates an environment that drives engagement. The basis for creating an organization with a drive starts with objective oriented dialogues. To put it simply, its great to talk!

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