• Municipality

    That every employee sees his contribution as part of the whole creates pride and drives motivation and dedication

    Nacka municipality wanted to create better conditions for target and development talks with clear links to the organization's goals. The collaboration with Heartpace began in August 2018.

  • Veterinary Clinics

    We needed to find a process to feel like one and same company. Heartpace is the backbone of our HR work, without limiting ourselves.

    Evidensia was formed in 2012 when four Swedish animal hospitals joined forces. Today, there are 60 clinics for healthcare for horses and small animals in Sweden. For a company that grows through acquisitions, it is important to create a sense of community. Meet Pia Madsen, HR Manager, Evidensia Sweden.

  • Business process outsourcing

    Our employees often come straight out of school, and we closely monitor their productivity and quality. It can be tough, which makes dialogue important.

    WebHelp Nordic is a customer service company which helps businesses connect with their customers and consumers. Even though this will be their first job for many employees, expectations of productivity and quality are high. This creates a particular demand for dialogue and follow-ups. Meet Terje Andreassen, CEO of Webhelp Nordic.

  • IT consultants

    The most important thing is to give individuals opportunities to develop. This determines whether or not you stay on at a company.

    Implema is a consultancy company that implements business systems, with around 120 employees, and offices in Stockholm and ten other locations around Sweden. Attracting and retaining the right employees is crucial in an industry with a skills shortage. That’s where development opportunities, regular follow-ups and feedback play an important role. Meet Jörgen Aronsson, CEO of Implema.

  • Workforce management software

    When you grow as quickly as we’re doing, you need help prioritising and to be supported in a way that is motivating and meaningful.

    Calabrio (ex.Teleopti) develops workforce management software that focuses on helping contact centres, back offices and retail stores achieve better customer service, more satisfied employees and greater profitability. With more than 200 employees in offices in 14 countries, there is a need to rally around common goals, to clarify and strengthen company culture and also to increase participation. Meet the HR Director of Calabrio (ex.Teleopti), Marie Kjellberg.

  • Mobile gaming

    A manager-free organization needs a well-developed employee appraisal and feedback system.

    MAG Interactive is a mobile games development company with over 80 employees, and offices in Stockholm and Brighton. The company is primarily made up of programmers and designers, but there are also employees who specialise in finance and marketing. In a manager-free organisation, employee appraisal and feedback tools play a key role. Meet Ida Wate, HR Manager at MAG Interactive.