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Modernize your Performance Appraisals by making them painless with digitalization, sharing in an advanced agenda, and required preparation step.

Set up ongoing Performance Check-ins with an easy and intuitive flow that helps you to replace long reports and hours of meetings.

Collect 360 Feedback from different perspectives and help employees achieve professional and personal success.

Objectives / OKRs

Let your employees feel their impact on the company's success. Digitalize objectives and track company or individual progress in one place.

Create public Objective and Key Results for each department and pull teams together for harmonised work and strategy.

Align individual and company objectives and manage personal and team success through a Balanced Scorecard.



Investigate and measure engagement and loyalty
with Pulse Survey, find out key drivers of engagement for your employees. Set process and topics to get actionable and continuous insights.

Build a process for ongoing feedback and communication
by 1:1 Meetings, help people to feel valued and recognized

SMART Salary Review and Pay Gap

Use SMART Salary Review and algorithm to manage salary review cycle for your entire company in one place.

Use either flat budget distribution or create smart calculations based on employee performance to make right decisions.

Detect, remedy and prevent unjustified differences in pay gap for women and men. Reduce subjectivity and save time with
Pay Gap Analysis easy and safely.


HR Master Data

Digitize all your HR processes and integrate Heartpace HRM with the tools you need for the organization. With master data and smooth data synchronization, all information is always updated.

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and features your team needs

Say goodbye to manual data entry.
Integrate with the tools you depend on


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