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This is how Heartpace supports Atrium Ljungberg’s HR processes

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Stepping Up the Game for Social Sustainability

Our keys to success are satisfied, responsible, and committed employees. We are fully focused on sustainable employees and have been ranked top ten among Sweden’s best employers for nine consecutive years. So, we have done a lot and have a good structure and control over many things. But we always want to and can improve. We needed to take the next step and look more deeply at our employees’ well-being and working environment from other perspectives. After all, work and private life are much more intertwined now than in the past – so we need to consider more parameters than what is captured by standard employee surveys.

These include physical well-being, stress, and social sustainability in a broad sense, as well as other health and economic aspects.

Sustainable Employees – Sustainable work-life

After our first Employee Survey for Wellness from Heartpace in the spring 2022, we could see two areas of health that needed significant improvement: movement and stress levels. Based on the thorough analysis and concrete suggestions from Heartpace, we have now launched a plan to improve these areas at an individual level.

Input to Sustainability Reporting

The benefits of Heartpace’s Employee Survey for Wellness are precisely that it really focuses on sustainable employees, measures well-being, and provides a concrete basis for sustainability reporting according to Agenda 2030. In addition, the survey is flexible, allows you to add your own important issues, and provides a good basis for effective follow-up.

Helena MartiniHead of Business Unit HR, Atrium Ljungberg AB

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