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Imagine an HR department that controls, not just manages. A department with deep insight into each employee. Identify trends before they become problems. With Heartpace, it becomes reality.

700+ companies use Heartpace for their HR needs

Heartpace is one of Sweden’s best rated HR-systems

What is unique about Heartpace Insights & Reports?

Real-time data and analytics

Say goodbye to long waiting times. With Heartpace, you get instant insights and reports that give you an up-to-date picture of your workforce. You can make data-driven decisions in real time and optimize your HR strategy on an ongoing basis.

Complete overview

Understand your employees on a deeper level and see how they fit together as a whole. Heartpace gives you a 360-degree view of your workforce, so you can identify trends, optimize your HR strategy and create a more engaged and productive work environment.

AI does the work for you

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to gain even deeper insights from your data. Heartpace uses AI to automate complex analytics and provide you with actionable insights that you can use to improve your HR operations.

Unleash your full HR-potential!

Heartpace exists for you to spend your time on the most important thing – Your organization.

Source: 2024 Heartpace customer survey


A year, or 11h a week, you’ll save on administrative tasks.


State that they have identified and addressed any pay disparities with Heartpace


States improved workflows and data management
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A selection of the reports that made 700 companies choose us

Employee reports

Get a 360-degree overview of your employees.

This unique report gives you all the information you need to optimize your workforce and create a more engaged and productive work environment.

Diversity & Inclusion Reports

Today, being an inclusive and equal employer is not just a possibility, but rather a requirement. This report gives you the insights you need to create a more inclusive and fair workplace for everyone.

Staff turnover reports

Get a detailed picture of your staff turnover and take control of it with our powerful report.

You gain insights into who quits, when and why, which gives you a deeper understanding of underlying causes such as dissatisfaction, lack of challenge or development opportunities.

Absence & Sick report

Get a detailed overview of your organization’s absence & sickness patterns and take data-driven actions to improve occupational health and productivity.

Clear overview in dashboards

Organization dashboard

Get a summary overview of your entire organization. Collected in one place. You can easily make both short and long-term informed decisions and create a successful organization.

Onboarding dashboard

Get instant insight into the onboarding status of all employees, see who is leaving, when and why, and identify potential risks in time. You can easily optimize your onboarding strategy and create an engaged and loyal workforce.

Equal pay dashboard

Gain instant insight into pay distribution, pay gaps and identify potential inequalities. Efficient and flexible, everything so that you can create a fair and transparent salary policy that motivates and retains talent.

”The tool is employee-driven and appeals to both me and my colleagues. It suits us very well.”

Camilla Englund
HR manager, Viking Line

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The platform also has reports on

recruitment, 1-on-1 conversations, salary audits and many more


Heartpace - The HR system for modern organizations

Heartpace - The HR system for modern organizations

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