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Our platform and its features are made not only with HR in mind, but also managers and employees. We constantly develop and release new innovative features.

700+ companies use Heartpace for their HR needs

Heartpace is created for everyone in the organization

For HR

Heartpace saves time (11 hours a week), gives you insights and tools to develop and focus on the organization

For Managers

The system gives you insights, actions and goals that are easy to follow up and drive the organization in the same direction

For Employees

From pre- to offboarding, Heartpace develops, grows and supports employees in their daily and long-term work

Workforce Planning

Make sure to get complete control of your staff and competence needs in real time. The feature helps you to always have the right people with the right skills, regardless of whether you need extra staff for a period of time or want to allocate resources smarter. The function also helps you recruit smarter. Identify future needs, find the right skills and see if there are already people in the organization that fit the role. Or externally direct your recruitment to the right candidates from the start.

Employee profile

Heartpace is more than just a communication and collaboration tool. It gives you, as an HR professional, a central place to manage all staff information and give your employees an overview of their employment, including their calls, terms of employment, organisational affiliation and personal data. With the Employee Profile, you have everything you need in one place.


Your employees get a single view of your organisation where they can easily see and find information. You can easily structure and choose how you want to design the view. As an administrator, there are several simple search functions.

Company page

Share the latest news directly with your employees via the Heartpace News feed. It’s easy to add new posts and you can also choose from several different languages.

Employee reports

All employee data is presented in a clear tabular view. Get a good overview of employees’ employment conditions and private data and organisational structure. All data points have full historical traceability.

Document management

Collect all important documents such as employment contracts in employee folders. The employee can have access to their own documents as well as the employee’s manager. There are several different sharing settings linked to hierarchy and it is also possible to share documents with the entire organisation. Control how long a particular document should be saved or set an expiry date. Control how long a particular document should be saved.


Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for strategic issues. Create customised flows to send reminders, collect data, approve requests and generate reports. Gain complete control over your HR processes. Improve efficiency, reduce errors, fulfil requirements and gain better insights.

Pre- on- off-boarding

An effective pre-onboarding, onboarding and offboarding process is crucial to creating a positive and productive work environment for everyone. With Heartpace, you can structure and optimise these processes to ensure a smooth and data-driven experience for everyone involved, including employees, managers and the IT department.


The eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is a simple but powerful tool to measure how your employees feel about their workplace. By regularly asking a simple question, you can gain valuable insights into the engagement and loyalty of your workforce.


Heartpace Puls gives you the tools you need to measure and monitor the mood in your organization. Customize your survey or use our templates to capture relevant aspects. Gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and create a better workplace.


Don’t just focus on numbers! Balanced Scorecard with Heartpace creates a clear vision and connects strategic goals with employees’ individual ambitions. Increase engagement, improve performance and make informed decisions based on data. Create a successful organisation where everyone is working towards the same goal!

Employee survey

Send great looking employee surveys easily with Heartpace. Choose from ready-made templates or create your own questions. Get answers via email or directly in the platform. Then analyse the results with clear reports and make data-driven decisions. Improve engagement and keep track of staff wellbeing.

OKR – Objective and Key Results

OKRs boost engagement! With limited, inspiring objectives and transparency in the process, everyone knows what is expected. Track progress, make data-driven decisions and achieve common goals that drive the organisation forward. Create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.


Create a culture of feedback and continuous improvement through regular conversations. Set clear goals, track progress and provide constructive feedback. Choose between individual or team calls and use ready-made templates or create your own. Start engaging your organization today!

360 evaluation

Gain valuable insights through 360 evaluations. Improve your performance and leadership with feedback from colleagues, managers and employees. Create a culture of continuous improvement and learning. Use our templates or create your own questions. Protect the anonymity of those providing feedback. Start building a better workplace today!

Skills profile

Get a handle on employees’ skills! Map languages, software and more. Employees update their profile themselves for optimal matching to projects and development.

Vacation planning

Heartpace takes care of holiday applications, requests and gives managers and HR a clear overview. Effective planning, happier employees and a more productive work environment. Start planning your organization’s vacations today!


Get a complete overview of leave applications, from submission to approval. Create filterable and summarized reports to track trends and the impact of absences. Configure the system for different countries and adapt the management to the specific needs of your organization. Automate the approval process and make it easy for employees to apply for time off online.

Whistle blowing

Meet the new EU law requirement and protect your organization with a secure and anonymous whistleblower solution. Heartpace’s whistleblowing function enables you to easily meet the legal requirements placed on organizations and at the same time offer a solid system for employees to feel protected.


Find the dream candidates with our recruitment solution! Create awesome job ads, with AI if you want. You can handle applications smoothly and collaborate easily with the team, where you can also use automatic blind hiring. A seamless journey, both for employees, managers and candidates, where the tool automatically finds interview times that suit everyone involved. Give candidates a positive experience and build a strong team faster and attract top talent.


Stay up to date in real time with Heartpace SMS, our convenient solution for sending notifications and information directly to your employees’ mobiles. Whether it’s scheduling, reminders or important updates, you can easily reach out to your staff wherever they are.


Say goodbye to tedious paper processes and embrace a freedom to sign documents and agreements wherever you are with Heartpace e-signature integrations! Whether you’re in the office, commuting or abroad, you can easily manage and sign both internal and external documents with unparalleled security and flexibility.

Wellness analytics

Measure the health of your organization! The survey analyzes 9 themes around well-being and productivity. You can easily customize the questions and get data for smart decisions. With Wellness analytics, it’s easy to create a thriving workplace.

AI Assistent

Heartpace uses AI in a range of functions, from providing super-fast answers to your and employees’ questions from the staff handbook and policies, to analyzing surveys, providing insights and even summarizing your employee conversations. Save time, improve efficiency and drive change with valuable AI insights!

Salary Review

Do like many of your industry peers and ensure a data-driven and smooth payroll audit process that both managers and employees love with Heartpace.

Equal Pay

Get a clear overview of your salary structure and identify potential inequalities.We help you create a plan to address these inequalities and build a more equitable organization for everyone.

Salary Analysis

Heartpace Salary Analysis is an invaluable aid in better understanding and driving salary issues internally and externally. With a few clicks your analysis and strategy is ready!

Market data

Ensure you offer a fair and marketable salary to attract talent and retain current employees.

Pay transparency

With our salary transparency function, you can feel at ease about meeting all the requirements that the salary transparency directive entails for organizations. And you get a more prosperous organization in return!

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