Alignment Module

Align individual employee and
company objectives

Develop connections in vision, strategy and objectives for all employees on one platform

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Align your company towards common objectives

Link common strategy with employees personal objectives

Monitor overall progress and achievements

Manage personal and team success

Build a performance management system

Create objective oriented tasks for employees

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Our platform gives you all necessary tools for great employee engagement



Provide personal and team talks, define the agenda and find insights for better performance of your employees. Connect with business data for transparent follow up. It’s great to talk!



Create fast and easy employee surveys for small and large teams with a transparent and automatic report.



Choose the way for effective performance management providing higher engagement and more reflections


Useful Templates

Use free templates for talks, survey and evaluation, which were developed by experienced HR-consultants

Explain to your employees how important their activities are for the overall (general) objective

Are your employee personal objectives connected with the company strategy?

Let your employees understand their influence on the company’s success

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