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The complete solution that helps you get Gender Pay Gap Analytics, Compliance and Insights

Gender pay gap is an important indicator that reveals inequality in modern companies.

Big tech names like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are touting their equal-pay policies. In many countries across the globe it is also becoming a legislation.

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Heartpace Pay, a module in our Performance tool, which solves your payroll analysis easily.

Most of the western countries, such as the UK, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Finland amongst others have introduced equality salary checks for companies at the legislative level. Working on a salary survey, making analysis and drawing up a specific actions plan - all these are part of the employer's responsibilities to ensure gender equality.

Heartpace Pay makes reports and analyses, with which you can complete entirely on your own or with the support of our seasoned HR consultants and Experts.

How It Works

We are passionate about the fact that our customers really use opportunities that technology gives. It helps simplify administration and makes life easier.

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Instead of filling in all the data manually (which could compromise security and is also very tiring) we offer an API (Application programming interface) solution against AD (Active Directory) and payroll systems.

Job evaluation with Heartpace Pay

Job evaluation is a part of the payroll analysis and is exciting to do. After doing that, you often get new thoughts and insights. Work assessment is based on gradients of positions, and when it comes to completion, you will not only receive an internal structure that is part of the salary statement but also get a decision-making basis for internal career paths, educational needs and payroll strategy.

In our Heartpace Pay module, we have a model that guides you on how to group organization's positions which meets the requirements and gives you much more than the law demands on how a payroll mapping should be carried out.

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Join us to promote gender equality

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