Make Salary Gender Pay Gap Analysis easier and safe with Report Building and Salary Review automation

Heartpace Pay is a tool for Salary Gap Analysis that saves your time, avoids subjective judgments and keeps you compliant with the law

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Get rid of mechanical routine job in Excel

Integrated with your payroll system

Visualized reports that are ready to be sent

Conduct Salary Talks with the analysis-based approach

Eliminate mistakes and save time

First steps to annual equal pay analysis/ as Job Evaluation or Wage settings can be time-consuming. Our partners Novare Pay Consulting is a consulting company that specializes in salaries, benefits and incentive programs.

You can always get help from experienced consultants

Get Key Salary Insights -
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Inside the report, we highlight key problematic areas and give recommendations on to which spots to draw your attention. We compare salaries between equal and equivalent jobs and analyse salaries of female dominant groups.

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Base Your Salary Negotiation
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Use our general Salary Analysis and Job Evaluation for conducting unbiased and data-based salary negotiations. Use our Talk module with a ready-made Salary Talk Template

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3 ready-to-send reports

Heartpace Pay reports fit all requirements:

1. Mapping and identifying equal work
2. Mapping and identifying equivalent work
3. Mapping, identifying and comparison of women dominated work

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