Use cases

Rebecca Styf
HR Manager

"Heartpace is a collaborative tool which appeals to both me and my colleagues."

"We have very objective-oriented employees and managers and performance management is important for us. With Heartpace, it is easy to perform talks and set both objectives and activities that are easy to follow up. The tool is employee-driven and appeals to both me and my colleagues. It suits us very well."

Anders Jacobson

"For us Heartpace is more like a collaborator than a tool."

“A major advantage of Heartpace is that the focus on preparation for reviews is central. This means that not only the managers but also the employees are well-prepared. For us, the tool has also meant that we have changed the way of looking at employee conversations and my feeling is that we meet our objectives better now.”

Jörgen Aronsson

"A whole new structure, clarity and transparency in our new review talks!"

"Thanks to Heartpace, we have been able to ensure that the development talks are actually implemented, that the conversations reach a high quality throughout and ensure better follow-up. We have had a completely different structure, clarity and transparency with our review talks."

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Sandra Ohlsson
Sales Manager

"The fact that Heartpace helps both manager and employee to be well-prepared and involved gives genuine and honest talks. I experience it as unique aspect."

Sandra Ohlsson worked for many years as Sales Manager at Hemnet and with Heartpace as a tool for employee review talks. When she was appointed new sales manager at Upsala Nya Tidning, it was an obvious action to take the tool with her.


"Both manager and employee are well-prepared and involved which gives genuine and honest talks. I experience it as something unique with Heartpace. The tool really helps me to become a better manager," says Sandra Ohlsson, Sales Manager at Upsala Nya Tidning.


To me it is an important factor to be able to go back and take part of previous talks in an easy manner. When I left Hemnet, I left seven years of documented employee talks after me. The structure and transparency are incredibly good and the quality I experience in Heartpace really helps me to become a better manager", she says.

Sara Kjellmert
HR Interim

"The tool really makes assessment talks a focus, which helps the employee to take their own responsibility for development"

As HR consultant and interim HR manager at Metria, Sara Kjellmert lacked support for employee talks, but with Heartpace, she was able to support managers in keeping up and monitoring the conversations efficiently.


"The tool really makes assessment talks a focus, which helps the employee to take their own responsibility  for development", Says Sara Kjellmert.


"We have benefited from Heartpace in many different ways, including for development talks. I think it's important that the conversation material brings with you the employee all the time and that no information disappears along the way. The tool makes focus on the development talks, which helps the employee take responsibility for his own development at the company while providing good support for the leaders and the HR department", she says.

Stefan von Stein

"For us, it's really important with employee reviews and talks and with Heartpace as a tool, we get a structure and can follow up our reviews in a good way."

Stefan von Stein is CEO of Campadre and has recently begun using Heartpace as a tool in his collaborations.


"Heartpace is clear, simple and straightforward and easy to get started with. For us, it is very important for employee review talks and with Heartpace as a tool, we get a structure and can follow up the dialogues in a good way," he explains.

Peter Söderberg

"Heartpace is an optimal tool for performance management."

I have been using Heartpace for several years now and I can only say that I made a good decision. In addition to being a great system it is also affordable. I highly recommend the tool if you value your employees and talks with them. An optimal tool for performance management.

Helen Ekelund
HR Manager

It creates better performance management.

Since we started working with Heartpace and with quarterly objective oriented talks, we have been able to see a clear improvement and increased satisfaction among our employees regarding the clarity of the individual objectives.

Malin Lundstedt

An effective tool for SF Bio

SF Bio started collaboration with Heartpace 2015. We use Heartpace primarily to get synergies in managing employee talks and to create a uniform tool for performance assessment and development going forward.

Terje Andreassen

We want to see and confirm employees.

Our leaders have follow-up talks with all employees, either weekly, monthly or quarterly. To ensure a good flow and to the goals, and to meet our value base, a system like Heartpace becomes an important tool.

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