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Workforce management software


14 countries - HQ Stockholm

Calabrio (ex.Teleopti) develops workforce management software that focuses on helping contact centres, back offices and retail stores achieve better customer service, more satisfied employees and greater profitability. With more than 200 employees in offices in 14 countries, there is a need to rally around common goals, to clarify and strengthen company culture and also to increase participation. Meet the HR Director of Calabrio (ex.Teleopti), Marie Kjellberg.

Why have you chosen to work with Heartpace?

Two years ago, we didn’t have a digital system in place for employee appraisals, apart from information saved in text documents. We started to look at various tools and Heartpace was recommended to us by colleagues in the industry. We weren’t looking for a big HR system, but we thought that Heartpace, with its focus on dialogue between managers and employees, was interesting.


How do you work with dialogue?

We have goal-oriented employee appraisals at least twice a year, sometimes four. We also have regular follow-ups. Heartpace offers a really good template for preparing and documenting our appraisals too. This means both parties come to the meeting well-prepared. By answering specific questions beforehand, the chances of having a good dialogue and getting honest answers about the situation at work increase. Without this, it’s too easy to say that everything’s fine, when in fact there are things you should talk about. Managers are now also more likely to get specific feedback on their leadership. The fact that the tool is completely transparent is also an important piece of the puzzle, especially from a GDPR perspective.


What does this mean for your business?

Our goal-oriented appraisals follow a clear process, which provides the opportunity to gain understanding and clarity about where the company is headed. They also enable us to understand what the individual employee’s personal visions and goals are, and the kind of support and coaching they need to achieve their goals. By using employee appraisals in a structured way, we make it easier for our employees to prioritise, and we can explain the employee’s contribution to the business. 


What are the challenges of having offices in several countries?

We have over 35 nationalities represented at 18 offices around the world. We have a lot of remote management, and it’s always a challenge to manage people from afar and give the right support to every employee. Heartpace can never replace a physical meeting, but the tool is an excellent aid which allows us to improve the quality of our employee appraisals, thanks to us being able to tailor the questions to our business and company culture. With Heartpace, we can make sure that our appraisals cover all the aspects we consider important, no matter where in the world our employees are working. 


What other challenges are you facing?

Sections of our organisation use agile working. With this comes the challenge of adapting traditional HR processes to this approach. We use what’s known as retrospectives, a method of learning where you evaluate what’s gone well and what can be improved. We still have some way to go before we find a good structure for all processes. The lack of IT expertise in Sweden is also a challenge for us. That’s why we need to be an attractive employer, so we are able to recruit and retain the right people. Regular employee appraisals are an essential process for identifying areas for improvement, but also for receiving feedback on what we’re doing well and need to keep on doing.


What services do you see yourselves using in the future?

We’re constantly working on our values and our company culture so we will maintain them as we continue to grow quickly. Interesting services in the future could be 360° peer review, coaching and consultancy services.