Nacka municipality wanted to create better conditions for target and development talks with clear links to the organization's goals. The collaboration with Heartpace began in August 2018.

Nacka Municipality is an attractive employer. In the city hall there are about 850 people working and Nacka was named one of three super municipalities in 2018 by the newspaper Dagens Samhälle earlier this year. The municipality has recently chosen to use Heartpace as a support tool for its HR work.



- There have been many different templates for employee assessments in the municipality, and with Heartpace, the conditions for a more common structure for the talks are now being created. This enables us to ensure that everyone is in compliance with occupational health and safety legislation and that all employees have clear knowledge of assignments and objectives,” says Linda Boström Melander, Head of the Personnel Unit at Nacka Municipality.


Prior to a meeting, both the manager and the employee prepare themselves by filling in the template which is prepared according to the municipality's standards for development talks.




"Good reviews takes place in dialogue and when asked to prepare, the conditions for getting good quality in the conversation are increased." Says Cecilia Horneman, HR Specialist.


Possibility of objectives management


There has also been an ambition to shift the focus to creating even clearer individual objectives and structures for their follow-up. Heartpace offers the opportunity to create the link visually between the individual goals, the unit's goals and the municipality's overall objectives, strategies and vision.


- It is important that every employee sees his part in the whole, that one understands his own goals and their part in the context. It creates pride and drives motivation and dedication. It is partly about developing a new way of working and the tool has helped us with this, "says Cecilia Horneman.


The municipality recommends managers to have target and development talks at least once a year with continuous follow-up of what has been agreed.


- The tool enables follow-up in a good way and clarifies what support the employee needs. You set goals with deadlines and get a reminder when a deadline is overdue. The reminder of deadlines and goals is built into the tool, making it a good progress tool, she continues.


Surveys and evaluations take the pulse of the business


For a complex organization with many employees working at different departments, it may be useful to have a simple tool for collecting information in different contexts and purposes. Through Heartpace, the possibility for Nacka municipality is to send out simple surveys to its employees.


"We are planning to work with surveys via Heartpace in the future. They may be helpful when doing a temperature measurement, evaluating a project or making a survey that, for example, only targets new employees. The surveys enable information gathering in a structured manner. If we get faster to evaluate, I think we can be more effective and take action quickly when something is not working, "says Linda Boström Melander.





Showcase skills


There are hopes that with the functionality that enables each employee to list his / her skills visible for everyone will have several positive effects for the business.


"We hope to start working with that feature soon and believe that it will lead to better opportunities for finding each other's skills to create good collaborations in different projects, knowing what skills are available in the business and where we can find it, says Linda Kaitfors, HR Strategist.


"This feature will also help us see how we need to work forwards with recruitment and where we need to strengthen our skills," adds Cecilia Horneman.


The municipality will shortly develop new work processes and connect more features.


"Many have the development talks in the fall and therefore we prioritized to get started with that part first. Then we will work to link the individual objectives to the organization and get started with the survey and skills functions. In our existing agreement there are good development opportunities, "says Linda Boström Melander.



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