Heartpace PRIME

Ett exklusivt forum för dig som är Systemadmin i Heartpace

The purpose of Heartpace Prime is that you as a customer should gain more knowledge and be inspired to continue developing and engaging your employees. Heartpace Prime is also your forum where you will be able to further develop your skills in using the Heartpace tool.

Through the network you meet other system administrators and get the opportunity to share experiences on different issues where Heartpace serves as an operating support. Here we also inform you about new releases where we look forward to your input to develop the functionality of Heartpace.

Relevant dates for Heartpace PRIME under 2019

Date Time
Jun 19th, 2019
Thursday 4 April, Norrköping
kl 08.00 – kl 09.15
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At the meetings, coffee and sandwiches are served!
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Warm welcome!
Susanne Aadde
Susanne Aadde

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