Design your process to collect comprehensive feedback and seamlessly integrate into a performance management system

Collect 360 feedback from different perspectives

Involve the right people into the evaluation process, provide the most objective assessment from a direct supervisor, colleagues, employees or external people (such as customers). A new evaluation process is anonymous by default but you always have the flexibility to choose depending on your case.


Reduce time-consuming work with scheduled and prepared rounds

Prepare 360 evaluation questionnaires online and schedule start and deadline dates in advance. You can be sure that all recipients will get invitations at the start and reminders who are running late.

Present and discuss the results on 1:1 Follow Up Talks

Best way to inform the employee about results of 360 Evaluation is 1:1 Follow up Talk. It is a great chance to discuss your further actions for сareer development and personal growth in a structured way. Schedule follow up talk directly from evaluation and have a report in front of your eyes during a discussion.

Performance screenshot
Feedback screenshot

See and analyse well-rounded feedback from respondents in one place

We provide different combinations of data in the final feedback report. You can figure out key insight from the report summary or deep dive in information through detailed reports for each question. Depending on anonymity, settings reports will be represented differently. Anonymous 360 Feedback round show answers without respondents name and in random order

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