Performance Appraisal Templates

Do you want to do your best for your team right now? Let's talk more effectively and don't underestimate the power of personal communication. Almost each of your employees doesn't get enough feedback, and at the same time, it's your best source of valuable insights. Revitalize your one-on-one talks and make them well-prepared, focused and goal-oriented with Heartpace templates.

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Performance Review is one of the most frequently used managers' and HR's approaches to evaluating employee work performance and employee skills. Also known as, "performance appraisal" or "performance evaluation" it has a focus on employee's results and achievements, identifies strengths and weaknesses, provides feedback, and creates a background for setting goals for future performance.

In the past, companies used formal annual performance reviews for all employees; however, nowadays more and more companies understand the value of ongoing communication. You can provide regular performance feedback and, of course, goals adjustment, quarterly, monthly or even weekly with Heartpace one-on-one Talks.

How to Conduct Employee Performance Appraisals?

  • Have a Structure for Appraisals

    Each effective meeting for conducting Performance Appraisal has to be well structured. It influences the overall success, causes less stress and transparently presents the employee's results. You can create your structure for performance appraisal or use the best templates for Employee Performance Review from our experienced HR consultants.

  • Sharing in advance Performance Review format

    Your colleagues get less stressed and can be more eager to start performance review, when they understand the overall process, structure, and what to expect from this meeting.

  • Data from the previous review

    It is good to consider the data from the previous performance appraisal - what were the performance goals and personal development objectives, last appraisal results, and summary. This historical perspective might help to measure employee’s progress and see what has changed during the time.

  • Reliable data about the employee current performance

    When the feedback is based on facts and figures, it is much easier for the employee to accept and discuss both positive part and critique, unlike the feedback based only on the manager's perception or opinions.

Our employee performance review templates have been developed by professional and experienced HR consultants. The effectiveness and usefulness of the templates have been proven by hundreds of our customers. If you are not sure how to write performance review questions in the best way, just set up a Heartpace trial account and use our pre-installed templates inside Talks module.

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