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Performance appraisal and development talk

This is performance appraisal and development talk.
The performance appraisal and development talk is an opportunity to:
  • summarise the progress of the previous period and to set objective for the next
  • follow up the contribution of the employee and plan ahead
  • agree on requirements regarding competence, prerequisites and support
  • compose an action plan including objectives and goals for the next period
This talk consist of 12 questions to answer.

Results - current vs planned

How do you evaluate your performance in connection with departamental/strategic goals and expectations during the previous term? Please give a grade from the scale from 1 to 5 where: 1 - Far less than expected, 2 - Less than expected, 3 - In line with what expected, 4 - More than expected, 5 - Far more than expected.

The organization performance

To what degree do you consider the organizational goals and objectives have been clear and realistic? Please comment! To be answered only by the employee.


Objectives and activities of employee

Have your objectives and activities of last term been feasible according to your role? Please comment!
To be answered only by the employee.


The results of employee

What results have you achieved in relationship to agreed objectives and job assignment? Please comment!
To be answered by the manager as well as by the employee.


The contribution of employee

How do you evaluate your contribution in comparison with what was planned? Please comment.
To be answered by the manager as well as by the employee.


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Performance appraisal talk

Employee performance appraisal talk is a structured dialogue between manager and employee carried out 2-4 times per year.
The talk aims to give a picture of how an employee perceive his/her work situation and how he/she can develop.
Together, manager and employee plan the objectives and activities that will be the focus until the next performance review.
The talk is also a tool to articulate and confirm the company's overall goals and strategies. To ensure a good and useful conversation it is important to be prepared beforehand.

Performance appraisal

In general, how do you like your work right now?

Motivate your answer, preferably with examples.


How motivated and committed are you feeling?

Motivate your answer, preferably with examples.


What makes you motivated and engaged at work?

Beskriv och Describe and provide examples.


Current state

Questions regarding the employee’s work situation in general and his/her assessment of the work environment. This part is answered only by the employee.

What are your three most prioritized tasks right now?



What are the biggest challenges in the work right now?

Describe your challenges.

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Performance Review is one of the most frequently used managers' and HRs` approaches to evaluating employee work performance and employee skills. Also known as, "performance appraisal" or "performance evaluation" it identifies strengths and weaknesses, provides feedback, and creates a background for setting goals for future performance.

In the past, companies used formal annual performance reviews for all employees; however, nowadays more and more companies understand the value of ongoing communication. You can provide regular feedback and of course, adjustment quarterly, monthly or even weekly with Heartpace One-on-one Talks.

How to Conduct Employee Performance Appraisals?

  • Have a Structure for Appraisals

    Each effective meeting for conducting Performance Appraisal has to be well planned. It affects the overall success, causes less stress and provides clear results. You can create your own flow or use the best templates for Employee Review from experienced HRs.

  • Sharing in advance Performance Review format

    Your co-workers get less stressed and can be ready for your performance review when they understand the process, structure and what you expect from this meeting.

  • Data from the previous review

    has to include previous goals for personal development and performance, last evaluation results and review. It helps set up the follow-up meeting and measure employee’s progress.

  • Data about employee`s current performance

    When the feedback is based on facts and statistics, it is a lot easier for an employee to accept both positive feedback and criticism, unlike the feedback which consists only of the manager's opinion.

Our employee performance review templates have been developed by our experienced HR consultants. The effectiveness and usefulness of the templates have been proven by hundreds of our customers. If you are not sure how to write performance review questions in the best way, just set up a Heartpace trial account and use our pre-installed templates inside Talks module.

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