Effective One-on-One Meeting Templates

Do you want to do your best for your team right now? Let's talk more effectively and don't underestimate the power of personal communication. Almost each of your employees doesn't get enough feedback, and at the same time it's your best source of valuable insights. Revitalize your one-on-one talks and make them well-prepared, focused and goal-oriented with Heartpace templates

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Salary review talk

This is salary review talk which aims to share the manager´s appraisal of the employee´s achievements in connection with compensation matters.
Normally salary review talk should be conducted after performance appraisal talk so that in employee mind would appear a connection between performace and pay.
The setting of the salary rates sould be based on common values and guidelines, collaboration, explicit responsibility and communication.
The manager as well as the empoyee will go through and answer the following 9 questions.

Salary criteria and policy


Do you as an employee have any questions or concerns regarding the salary criteria and policy?

To be answered only by the employee.


How would you assess your performance and competences in relation to the salary criteria and policy?

To be answered by the manager as well as by the employee.



The employee´s performance and contribution

Results and objectives


Development area

According to expectations

Beyond expectations

Works effectively towards the objectives


Development area

According to expectations

Beyond expectations


Plans and evaluates the work


Development area

According to expectations

Beyond expectations


Priorities the activities


Development area

According to expectations

Beyond expectations

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Exit interview

This is an exit interview and it is to be conducted between an HR manager and an employee, who wants to terminate employment at the Company.
The purpose of the conversation is to understand what was the employee experience and to figure out possible improvements for the Company.
The employee should be given time to prepare for the exit interview.



What are the main reasons why you have decided to leave the Company?



What was the main reason for you to start working at the Company?



Evaluate the following questions and please comment

The scale is 1-5, where 1 = Do not agree at all and 5 = Fully agree.

Onboarding process

I got a good introduction to my duties and work at the Company. Feel free to comment.


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To feel good talk (employee's health)

This is a talk that we use to discuss an employee health, both physical and mental. It is important that employees feel good and in the long term prospective we believe that decrease absenteeism and increase commitment.
The employee gets insight into which behaviors should be changed in order to feel good and the manager should be play supporting role in this change process. We set goals and activities in the conversation and determine the dates for the follow-up talk. Keep in mind that it takes time to change behavior and that person shoud focus on one behavior at a time.
Totally there are 14 questions to answer.

Sick leave

Initial information on absence for a period of 60 days

Grade on a scale how many days of absence you have had the last period of 60 days



What do you think about the reason of your absence?



Work situation and Health

Answer the questions below by selecting a value from 1 to 4 where 1 = very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = good and 4 = very good. Please describe your experience with clear examples

How do you feel at your workplace?

Please give an example


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Effective One-on-one Meeting Templates - one of the solutions that helps you drill deeper into your talks with employees. It's the best way to know how employees feel at work, what challenges they face and what they need to make their workplace the best place ever.

How to have effective one-on-one meetings?

  • Be prepared and use right templates

    If you have a one-on-one talk agenda right in front of your eyes, you won't waste a minute of your meeting. With questions shared in advance, you and your colleague will be on the same page before and during the meeting. Your one-on-one talk will be more actionable and each important topic will be commented and discussed.

  • Add your notes

    A meeting can identify and reveal insights of different kind. Document the findings and results of your discussions directly in the talk - in Heartpace system we have a special function for that. Any participant can write a comment during an ongoing discussion. The documentation of meeting results in the report makes the basis for the follow-ups.

  • Avoid project tasks discussion

    Your one-on-one talks should be spent on performance, personal development, and coaching. Avoid topics that require team discussion on project meetings. Ensure that your meeting is focused on the employee and open up to feedback.

  • Start and end with positive

    Even if your one-on-one talk was tough or you had to deal with negative feedback, still you should attempt to end your conversation in a positive way. Phrases like “Let's sort it out this together,” or some other inspiring words, will help you both feel encouraged and motivated.

  • Use a modern solution

    A digital solution for best one-on-one talks is Heartpace Talks. Create, invite, document and keep results in one place. Choose our pre-defined one-on-one meeting templates or customize them to fit your needs. When you start using the tool in your routine, you will feel your one-on-one talks brings the most value.