Human Resources Templates

This is a collection of templates that makes HR life easier. Take a step towards a more digitalized HR department by introducing an online tool for the key areas of HR and performance management. Manage onboarding, training, performance appraisals, employee evaluations and motivation with an easy-to-use online solution. You can find different templates for Surveys, 360 Evaluation, and one-on-one talks as well as Team Talks. Every template is completely customizable inside Heartpace, i.e. you can edit any ready templates accordingly to your needs.

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Human Resources Templates help each HR professional to do the most effective, people-oriented valuable work. With Heartpace HR templates you can save preparation time for HR surveys, typical one-on-one talks like Onboarding or Salary review. The tool will be your support when you need to make HR research to get clear, reliable data about the employees and the organization. This data will be collected in the system in the form of reports and comprehensive statistics.

  • Templates for Onboarding

    Our templates for effective onboarding helps you bring a new employee into a new team easily. Welcome a new team member and avoid confusing moments with a well-organized onboarding process. Templates can help new employees to get an overview of the company culture, values, and goals, as well as control all employment paperwork and other small things which are important at the beginning.

    • Templates for Measuring Employee Engagement

      Surveys that measure employee engagement shows how enthusiastic, fulfilled and motivated employees are in their everyday work. It's also a level of employee engagement in achieving company goals. This tool allows getting insights that help you identify and address problems. Discover opportunities to boost employee commitment and satisfaction.

    • Templates for Employee Growth and Development

      Help your employees to find the direction of their professional growth and successful career. Use our templates and start to create an Individual Development Plan with the right one-on-one Competence talk. Then you will able to support your employees with ongoing tasks and challenges.

    • Templates for Employee Performance Reviews

      We are happy to share our templates for the most challenging part of HR work - Performance Review. We believe that our approach helps you get employee-oriented, painless performance review for each member of your organization.

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