Employee Survey Templates

Employee survey is one of the best tools to get the employee feedback at a given period and monitor trends in the work environment over time. Various surveys can help you get insights about engagement, employee satisfaction, and how happy are the people in your company.

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Employee engagement survey allows you to build a better, more productive workplace. If you know levels of enthusiasm and employee happiness, you can measure how people appreciate their work and whether they are committed to staying. With the Employee Satisfaction Survey, you can ask simple questions about employee experience, and from the answers draw valuable insights and conclusions on anything from how happy they are about their work to commitment levels.

Such popular surveys as an NPS employee survey or “Gallup surveys” give you data and insights on the individual's behavior and employee self-awareness.

How to run and manage Employee survey?

  • Create your Survey or use a provided Survey Template

    If you decide to create a survey from scratch, you have to be sure that all your questions are clear for respondents and can`t be interpreted ambiguously. Ask yourself what you need to figure out by your survey and choose the right survey form and questions. At any time you can rely on our team of seasoned HR-specialists, who have produced structured and clear employee survey templates for different purposes. Try using them inside Heartpace and customize to fit the needs of your company.

  • Deliver survey to respondents in the most convenient way

    You need to be sure that your respondents can easily participate in your survey. Using the online tools you can share a direct link to your Survey, send an invite by email, etc. It's the most modern and convenient approach for conducting an employee survey.

  • Analyze Results

    A crucial part of the survey process - is the final analysis. Keep in mind the purpose of your survey and based on the report, create an action plan on what to improve, change, rethink in your company. Inside Heartpace you can get a full report with the survey results, download it as PDF and your analysis becomes so much easier.

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