360 Degree Feedback Templates

This is a collection of 360 evaluation templates, when an employee can get confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around him or her. Mostly used as a development tool or process, which allows recognizing strengths and weaknesses. Helps define the right way to improve behaviors and professional skills that open new work opportunities.

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One of the most challenging issues about 360-degree feedback is how to provide a clear and painless process for all participants. 360 Degree Feedback Templates allow you to save time and automate the process which usually is complex and expensive. You can use our 360-degree feedback questionnaire for inspiration and customize it to fit your needs. Inside Heartpace our 360 feedback tool gives you opportunities to conduct individual or group evaluations.

How to conduct successful 360 Evaluation?

When you decide to launch 360 Evaluation inside your team, you need to keep in mind what value you will get from this process. First of all, this feedback from other people should allow evaluated persons to identify development opportunities for themselves. It should help them grow in the company.

  • Create a safe feedback culture

    People need to feel safe when they give and get feedback, anyone need to know that they can`t be embarrassed, rejected or punished for their thoughts. Providing Feedback-Safe Environment means that everyone in a team feels accepted and respected. Use your Emotional Intelligence and be respectful to people`s different levels of susceptibility to feedback.

  • Arrange 360 feedback follow-up meeting

    An important part of each 360 employee feedback is a follow-up individual meeting after getting all results. It's time to interpret and discuss the review and set the right direction for every team member. You should define strengths, weaknesses, and communicate with employees about where they could focus their efforts.

  • Use transparent and easy flow

    Start your work with shared 360-degree feedback template and use the well-structured process flow inside Heartpace. Our templates can be used by a manager who wants to initiate an evaluation of an employee. By selecting respondents on the same level, subordinates and managers, the evaluation will give a 360 view of the employee. All results are stored in one place, easily accessible and manageable in your account.

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