Why You Need an Engagement-Driven HR System

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Why You Need an Engagement-Driven HR System

11 Mar, 2020

In today’s world, where talented employees can easily move to any company they want, it’s important to keep them engaged. Offering employees a great experience on top of reasonable benefits and pay is key in maintaining high levels of engagement throughout the organization. 


In this article, we’ll cover how an intuitive HR system can help engage your employees. We’ll also cover the potential benefits HR technology can bring to small- and medium-sized businesses. 


Right now, HR systems have never been more cost-effective or user-friendly, so it’s hard to find a reason not to adopt HR software into your overall business strategy. Read further to learn about how the right HR system can boost your business results and engage talent within the company.


Benefits of an Engagement-driven HR system


Here are some of the important benefits your organization can gain from adopting an engagement-driven HR system. 

• Simple HR duties made simple

An HR system stores information like employee birthdays and contact information, employment information (job roles, departments, employment start, and end data), timestamps, and payrolls and other information. This makes the job of HR much easier and saves time on smaller tasks like setting up reminders.

• HR data housed in one place

With an HR system, managers and HR departments can say goodbye to messy processes of multiple technologies, spreadsheets, and paper documentation. An HR system keeps all of the important information in one place. This means anyone with the proper authorization can access employee, applicant, and payment data. An HR technology also has the added benefit of keeping records so companies have access to historical data. 

• Allows easier day-to-day management and maintenance

Small and medium-sized businesses that are already spread thin can benefit greatly from an HR system. This is because HR technologies can carry much of the daily HR maintenance automatically, or in a way that’s easier for HR professionals. 


With an all-in-one system like Heartpace, HR processes are made easy with 360-degree feedback, 1 to 1 talk modules, and applicant and onboarding data. All with one digital tool.

• Self-service

Information is democratized with an HR system. It lets users can go in and personally update information such as addresses and other personal information. This alleviates more work from HR professionals so they can focus on other tasks. It also gives employees more power over their own information and can help boost engagement levels.

• Accessibility

A good HR system will be accessible on the go to employees. So, if some individuals in the company need to work from home or if some are traveling for work, they can access the HR system from multiple device types. Employees are more enabled to stay engaged with the company when software fits in with busy lifestyles.

• Integration

In addition to an HR system integrating applicant information with employee database information, there are many other ways that an integrated database brings a lot of value.


An integrated database allows information to be stored, accessed, and switched over into other systems more easily. It will not only house all employee data and information, but it has the potential to provide important insights from that information (such as patterns in performance reviews). This is something simple spreadsheets cannot offer.

• It is user-friendly

As a way to keep employees engaged and focused on their jobs, having a user-friendly HR system interface is imperative. Some companies try using several systems, which gives employees the added task of keeping track of multiple login credentials. This wastes time and also makes it confusing for both employees and HR professionals when data is stored in more than one system.  


Furthermore, when a system is not easy to use, it defeats the purpose of adopting an HR technology. Plus, businesses don’t get the return on investment they hoped for. 


Luckily Heartpace offer an intuitive solution that is seamless and easy-to-use for individuals regardless of how tech-savvy they are.

• Feedback and performance management

An HR system can take away much of the manual and admin work out of performance management (note-taking, meeting summaries, goals accomplished, etc.). But what is more important, is that to truly engage employees, they need to feel like the system takes care of them. This is where feedback and performance management comes in.


A feedback and performance management system helps democratize employee growth, leaving employees feeling more in charge of their growth path. When employees can get value from an HR system, it can provide very high levels of engagement.


Learn more about how software is the future of performance management and how Heartpace can offer seamless continuous performance management for your business.

• Quality reporting

When applicant and employee data is stored in one place, it becomes easier for an HR system to track progress and patterns. This leads to more accurate and insightful reporting, which is extremely important for businesses of all sizes⁠—especially small and medium-sized. 


Having more reliable data and better-quality reporting also gives leaders information to make more informed business decisions. In the end, it can lead to higher profitability. Some of the insights businesses can gain from HR technology are: 


  • Turnover rates (money lost on new hires and talent leaving)
  • Performance review data (who is consistently over-performing vs. underperforming)
  • Total spend on wages and benefits against performance output


This information gives business leaders a clearer picture of applicant and employee operations and how it is having an impact on the bottom line of the business. Not taking advantage of this kind of data with an HR solution could mean losing out on money, and highly valuable business insights! 


Salary review

An HR system that can provide performance and payroll data helps ensure a smooth and more engaging salary review process. Heartpace has a new salary review feature which allows organizations to do the following:


  • Smart system calculations to help ensure the right people get rewarded
  • Automatic inclusion of costs outside salary (pension, insurance, compensations, etc.) when determining pay increases
  • Intuitive salary reports
  • Forecasting of future costs


Having a salary review and revision built into an HR system is important in employee engagement. Our software connects salary review to continuous performance development, which helps improve engagement even further by making the process reliable.


Adopting an easy, flexible HR system for more effective human management doesn’t mean overspending on a huge solution that is hard to implement. With Heartpace, our clients can take advantage of any one of our modules. Companies have the option to take advantage of key features that HR departments need the most. 


Learn more about our solution today and how our HR system can help your business reach the next level with goal-setting, performance management, and employee pay.

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