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The Road To Improved Employee Engagement

21 Nov, 2017

An employee’s discretionary effort results in the Engagement-Profit chain. Working the process is what is called Performance Management.


Increasing employee engagement means an increase in service, retention and productivity that ultimately increases the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Thereby, leading to substantial growth in sales and profits. 


So, the question is, how do you improve employee engagement? 


First things first: the attitude of the employer and employee matter the most. While you are expected to hire an effective workforce, you are also expected to treat your employees better. A recent study at the University of Michigan found that, “When organizations institute positive, virtuous practices they achieve significantly higher levels of organizational effectiveness — including financial performance, customer satisfaction, and productivity.” 




The International Journal of Business and Management of Andhra University, India, mentions a few statistics and facts that help to clarify the measures that need to be taken for improvement in employee engagement. It states: Development Dimensions International (DDI, 2005) states that a manager must do five things to create a highly engaged workforce. They are: 

• Align efforts with strategy

• Empower

• Promote and encourage teamwork and collaboration

• Help people grow and develop

• Provide support and recognition where appropriate


The Most Important Attributes for Improved Employee Management


The Towers Perrin Talent Report (2003) identifies the top ten work place attributes which will result in employee engagement. The top three among the ten drivers listed by Perrin are: Senior management’s interest in employees’ well-being, challenging work and decision making authority. In addition to, organizations must implement an extensive feedback system where employees and managers are expected to self-evaluate and evaluate each other. This sense of accountability becomes the driving force behind the actions of employees that go beyond capabilities to deliver as they are required. Employers that acknowledge and reward their employees for their efforts generally have better relationships and show a greater growth in company. This can be in the form of appraisals, awards, promotions and bonuses. 


Thus, two-way communication, acknowledgement and training are the main factors that will enhance the way employees work.









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