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The annual Salary Gap Analysis is neglected in government agencies

The annual Salary Gap Analysis is neglected in government agencies

The government has emphasized wage surveys as an important tool for detecting and combating unjustified wage differences between women and men. Therefore, it is strange that there are still several large government agencies in Sweden that have not lived up to the requirements of the law. This has been revealed in the magazine Publikt that recently completed an audit.

The audit shows that only seven of the country's 30 largest government agencies annually conducted a salary survey since 2017. In 2019 it was only 14 out of 30 authorities that completed the Salary Survey on time - that is, before 2019 was over. 9 have been completed after the turn of the year. 

The Discrimination Act does not allow for any exceptions. All employers with ten or more employees, both public and private, must every year - before the end of the year - conduct and document a salary survey to find out if there are differences in pay that has a connection with gender.

The Mediation Institute's latest survey shows that the pay gap between women and men is 9.9 percent. Although women have higher education than men, they earn an average of 3 7 00 SEK (approx. €370) less per month.

The government has this year appointed a commission with the mandate to develop proposals to increase economic equality. These will mainly be measures that contribute to equal pay and living income, equal workplaces and an equal distribution of public support measures. The work must be partially reported in January and finalized by 20 December next year.

But even the European community has a new equality strategy, in short, "Equal pay for equal work". This strategy should include binding provisions on transparency of wages and wage inequality, as well as strong action on applications, clear objectives and better control systems to measure progress. This shall apply to both the public and private sectors.


There is also a demands that the action plan for the wage differences between the sexes should be revised by the end of 2020. Clear targets should be set for the Member States with the aim of reducing the pay gap over the next five years.


The pay gap between the genders will not disappear on its own. It is the responsibility of countries, companies, employees and individuals to change societal perceptions and norms regarding gender-related wages.


But why are the surveys not made in full for a goal that is so obvious? There is probably some resistance to believing that it is complicated, requires a lot of administration and a lot of working hours. But with today's technology, these are unsustainable evasions, as there are systems to effectively facilitate a salary survey.


The benefit, in addition to living up to legal requirements, is greater employee commitment, when you feel that the employer has a well-thought-out equal pay strategy and everyone knows that commitment leads to increased productivity.


In Heartpace HR system there is a complete salary survey module that easily and efficiently guides you through the entire process simpler than ever, identifying, reporting and addressing pay differentials.


You can easily carry out a salary survey in a cost-effective manner in accordance with the requirements and in addition, you also get lots of other valuable insights about the salary distribution in your organization.


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Carin Dannert

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