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Straight forward engagement activities for your business

19 Apr, 2018

According to the Gallup State of the American Workplace Report companies were indicated to also experience 37% less absenteeism and 90% less turnover.


For business it would be an immediate ROI so the question is why busiesses neglect to invest in engagement?  Probably interest is based on a misconception of the costs involved. To increase employee engagement which will foster a happy and healthy work environment need not to cost and will make a healthy connection to the most important business KPIs.


ClickTime, the company with leading tool for timesheets that drive performance has put together an  list of 15 easy and low cost activities that will help you steer your business on track. They go hand in hand with our view on how to professionally work with engagement using the target oriented feedback process.


The list is as follows:


  • Host a Brown Bag Presentation - a lunch off premises
  • Take a Half Day and Hang Out - take the team for an 1/2-day outdoor event
  • Try to Complete an Escape Room - escape rooms are known for encouraging teamwork
  • Host Work Clubs - good friends consists of better communication The Society for Human Resources Management found that the more friends an employee has at work, the more likely they are to reject another job offer.
  • Make Onboarding and Learning Fun - you can make things easier by gamifying the process
  • Ask for Feedback Often — and Act upon It (use a tool to find structure and transparency)
  • Promote Perks That Support Physical and Mental Health - encouraged to make healthy decisions
  • Offer Healthy Snacks - forget candy and go for fruits and nuts
  • Ongoing Training and Mentorship - make an effort and connect to mentors
  • Bring in Motivational Speakers - inspire your employees to reach farther
  • Sip'n'paint Night Vs Hackathon (Creatives vs Brainiacs) - activities for right and left brained individuals.
  • Create a Comfortable Work Space
  • SWAG - give aways that carry your brand
  • Performance-based Promotions
  • Freedom in the Office - laptops support freedom, use it that way!


Easy activities to work at for the small and sometimes medium size business. If you add a structure for objective oriented talks they will help you manage a healthy business where all are winners. Owners and employees alike. 


ClickTime has posted a good blog post on the subject with 15 easy activities to work it out. You can find the full blog post here < click for further reading at ClickTime >


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