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Online meetings in Heartpace - The Best Solution for Working Remotely

Online meetings in Heartpace - The Best Solution for Working Remotely

Make demands on a clear agenda


Meetings that are conducted with the help of digital tools are often perceived as quite messy. This is mainly due to the fact that the requirement for a clear meeting structure has been missed. Meetings must have a clear purpose and agenda so that meeting participants can focus on the issues to be discussed. In addition, it is also very important that the participants come prepared. Most people miss these two points. 


The role of the facilitator also becomes even more important than in a traditional physical meeting. The organizer must clarify what is applicable to this particular meeting, dare to break someone who talks too much and actively include the others. Doing it right increases the efficiency and participation of everyone who participates, and vice versa, ie a bad arrangement destroys the experience.


This is how Heartpace can provide a solution


In its development, Heartpace has always focused on preparation and on the agenda. This applies both to meetings between 1:1 as well as to where several people participate in team meetings. Heartpace as a tool helps participants focus on the right things.


We at Heartpace believe that clear and well- prepared meetings contribute to greater engagement, regardless of whether a meeting is held with all participants in the same place or at a distance. Important factors that are of great importance and that are obtained in our tool are;


  • Preparation - everyone is given the opportunity to prepare for a meeting. 
  • Agenda - for everyone to prepare, there is an agenda / template that leads the meeting forward.
  • Completion / decision - everything becomes documented and accessible to everyone.
  • Action - easy to create activities as you make decisions in the meeting.


Teams, Hangouts Meet, Skype and Zoom are tools used to conduct meetings remotely. Heartpace works well with all of them. Care to test how team meetings work in Heartpace? Contact us today, we can get you started in just a few minutes.


Team Heartpace

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