OKR soon to be released by Heartpace

14 Jul, 2018

At Heartpace we have since start included activities and objectives in our Alignment module, a structure that reminds a lot about OKR’s but differs in its transparency.


The OKR framework was originally created by Intel CEO Andy Grove and brought to Google. It has since been used by several companies including Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Über. In Sweden OKR has recently surfaced as an very effective structure particularly amongst start up companies. There has however been a lack of software solutions that makes the OKR process easy to handle in larger organisations. This is about to change.


Together with one of our trusted clients we have developed and implemented the OKR structure in Heartpace. During early autumn, after our final testing, we will make the feature available for all users. An important step in offering all the possibilities to work with effective Performance Management.


The OKR framework aims to define company and team "objectives" along with linked and measurable "key results”. This is to provide ” a framework and ongoing discipline that seeks to ensure employees work together and focus their efforts and make measurable contributions. OKRs are typically set at the company, team and personal levels and are transparent across the organisation. The  intention is to provide teams with visibility of objectives with the intention to align and focus their effort.


The new functionality in Heartpace will be added to our Alignment module together with the possibility to also localize and choose how to name each alignment instance. As an example you might not want to call it Objective but rather a Goal. Then you just rename and set the structure that suits your organisation. We will of course make our former structure available as well which means that apart from public OKRs you can set a personal alignment structure that is not shared amongst the organisation making available the best of two worlds.


But at Heartpace we take it a step further


Of course we would not settle with a standard solution. We know that our clients demand another ingredient crucial when working with Performance Management. Without vision and strategy companies run the risk of working effectively but running in the wrong direction. Thus it is important to offer the possibility to align the employee and team efforts towards set strategies and visions on company level as well as on departmental level. All this will also be available as an option for our Heartpace clients. It will be an easy pick and choose set up.


Look out for our new release which is planned for mid September. If your are anxious to learn more prior to our release then please contact us and we will see to that you get on track with our offering.

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