New release

14 May, 2018

Very soon you will meet a new and revamped design solution in our application. Our technical team has worked hard for you to be able to customize the application. With several new possibilities you can now change window design to fit with your company design "look & feel".



As a standard move you will receive our general city image with your theme color as a back drop. The  new menu design has been moved to the top. The color can be altered in company settings and will follow throughout application. As an example you will see buttons altering to the color theme of your choice as you can see below.



But there is more of course. Below you can see a set of material designs that are also included as standard in the application. Also these you control from your company settings. With an simple click you can choose your new design.



To add a more realistic look you can also choose amongst our photo screens. There are several to choose from. 



And last but not least. Of course you can always choose amongst the standard opaque colors that will add a calm and smooth touch to your platform. The best of it is that it is all up to you. 



We hope that you will like our new design features but perhaps you ask yourself if this is all there is? Of course not. We could not miss the opportunity to also update a lot of our technical features. You will find various changes throughout the system that enhances the user experience. We have also gone about to change the last few bits to be compliant with GDPR. As one example you will be able to register your DPO, Data Protection Officer, in the system as a general info for all your users.

With the new release our wish is to offer you a safe, engaged and even better vizualized experience. Go for it!

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