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Online meetings for Agile teams

How Team Talks help us conduct sprint meetings efficiently

The engineering team has witnessed the ways our tool leveraged and greatly improved the communication and performance of our team meetings, catching up with retrospectives.

We’d like to share some of these use cases hoping that it will help other engineering teams run more impactful sprint retrospectives, document meetings with more context and give voice to everyone in a way that wasn’t possible without Team Talks.


Prepare agenda

We frequently use Heartpace in our team talks or meetings. Team talks functionality gives everyone an opportunity to see the agenda in advance, add their comments and inform that one is ready for the upcoming meeting. 


Our scrum master has built a template according to our specific needs, and we use it fortnightly. Here’s what it looks like in Heartpace:




Conduct retrospective meeting

It’s hard to miss a meeting with Heartpace because all scheduled events are integrated with your personal Office 365 calendar or Google Calendar. 


When the time comes a part of our team gets together in the office, others join via video call and scrum master leads a conversation based on people’s responses. Each team member can add something in addition to her\his response and everyone feels engaged and heard




Set conclusions and next steps

Sometimes it’s not clear what to do next to improve processes, how to set a responsible person or how to work on a retrospective summary?


Although the conversation was great, it needs to be action-oriented and lead to further improvements. We have won this challenge by summarizing each team meeting, setting conclusions and personal goals for each initiator.




Heartpace is used by over 100+ countries around the world. Agile teams are one of our most frequent use cases, and we keep seeing increased adoption across the technical team. As we continue building our product and introduce new features, we want to help engineers, designers, and others to get better work experience and build closer relationships.

Team Heartpace

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