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First Swedish GDPR inspection completed

Swedish Data Inspection's first GDPR review completed!

Now the Data Inspection has carried out its first GDPR review. Of a total of 66 supervisory cases, the Authority has decided to give reprimand in a majority of cases. The main reason for the decision to stay in reprimand instead of administrative sanction is the relatively short period of time elapsed since 25 May.

For those who have not yet adapted their business and processes for
GDPR it is high time to start work.


The Data Inspectorate has informed that further audits will begin this year. The reviews are aimed at creating guidance on the acquis and will include, inter alia, consent as a legal basis, the delimitation between personal data officer and personal information officer and the information officer's information obligation.

Heartpace carefully follows the continued development. Our service is constantly updated due to the legal development that is happening on a continous basis in the field. It is always in our focus. How can Heartpace quickly and efficiently adjust your business according to the new rules? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you how it works!



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