How to implement OKRs. Steps towards your new Goal Setting Strategy


If you have reached your goal at 100%,

then you played it much too safe, according to Google. 


Building an internal, annual strategic plan for the business is the most important challenge for Top Management. If you ever asked the question: How to become fast-growing and scale business processes easily? Then it's just the right time to become more flexible and modern with OKRs.

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  • There is more to performance management than just rating

    Making sure you get the most out of your staff members is an important part of running any successful organisation. This means promoting employee effectiveness and taking steps to help people improve themselves as well as the overall outcomes of the business going forward. A part of this is certainly regular performance reviews and ratings, but in order to achieve more for them and for the business, it’s important to go beyond that and make it a continuous process.

  • What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Give Employees Recognition?

    In recent years, employee recognition, engagement, and rewards programs have received a huge amount of attention. As the 21st century progresses and understanding of employee psychology improves, it is becoming clearer than ever that the happiness of a business’ employees may actually influence how the entire business is able to perform. 

  • 7 Techniques To Improve Your Employee Recognition

    Employee recognition and rewards are incredibly important area for businesses to develop. If you focus on improving this area, then you can look forward to the following benefits… 

  • What are the key features in a performance management system?

    Performance management forms an essential part of every organization. It’s the process by which employers and employees can work alongside one another in an attempt to assess the performance of an individual employee.


    The benefit of this is clear: it allows managers to see how effective employees are, and how they can improve their contribution to the organization.

  • How to give performance feedback?

    There are multiple things to consider with regards to providing performance feedback. Mainly; how do you give feedback to your employees? Then, on the other side of things, how does an employee provide feedback to their boss? Both of these questions - and more - will be answered as we progress through this post.


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