Great and simple tool
for performance management

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    Objective oriented

    Modern performance reviews

    There are many types of appraisals and reviews. The annual development reviews, monthly objective review, feedback sessions, salary review, return to work, team talks etc. All supported by Heartpace innovative solution for driving performance management.

    • Creating good processes
    • Great templates
    • Transparency by design
    • Report and follow up
  • Objective & actions

    Create accountability throughout organization

    Using the Heartpace solution for objectives and activities handling clarifies the accountability for all employees. Make all talks objective oriented and drive for better result. Use transparency and reports for follow up on objectives set in all reviews.

    Alignment for better result:

    • objectives
    • activities
    • accountability
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    Drive for competence

    Follow up on competence and use it

    Follow up on competence targets, perform 360s and peer reviews, set new plans. Work with talent. Feedback practices builds engagement and better result.

    • 360, peer reviews
    • competence evaluation
    • plan for talent
  • Knowledge is power

    Get to know the current status and mindset

    Know what status your organisation is in using our easy tool to reach out and ask. Knowing the current mindset quickly gives valuable insights for choosing strategies. Get immediate reports for quick actions.

    Know mindset for better planning:

    • leadership
    • engagement
    • work environment
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    Show your competence

    Build company CV, show it and use it

    Build your own structure for your organizational competence database. Present relevant competence and CV throughout organization. Make it easy to find and use!

    • Knowledge base
    • Easy search and find
    • Show it, use it

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    Distinct process

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    Great templates for talk

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    Tools for feedback

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    Report and follow up

Get all the features your team needs

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    Review talks
    Monthly reviews
    Salary review
    Sales monitoring
    Performance review
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    E-mail invitations
    Objectives and activities
    Individual and team
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    Performance Management
    Transparent follow up
    Compiled reports
    Objectives driven
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    Org chart
    Managers and employee lists
    CV and competence reports
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    Objectives and action
    Set deadlines
    Connect with activities
    See all progress
    View for better alignment
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    Quick follow up
    Easy handling
    Collect feedback
    Immediate reports
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    Employee profiles
    Transparent competence
    Search & find
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    Open API
    Connect to Active Directory
    Support for Office365 and lots others
    Single Sign On for easy handling

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